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Europe´s Restless 2005

Air Time:Dec. 25
Europe scepticism begins to shape the perceptions of people about the future and prosperity of European Union after a series of blasts which breaks the quietness in London and riots in France. The devastating setbacks in holding referendums about European Constitution Treaty put salt to the wound as well.
Smile & love of an illusionist

Air Time:Dec. 24
Magic and illusion have attracted and mesmerized audiences for their incredible stunts and tremendous fun. But who can combine magic with love and charity to bring smiles to the faces of the disadvantaged? Lawrence Khong, a Singaporean Illusionist and a pastor, came to Beijing recently to do the job. He says love is magical but it needs the sunshine of art and music.
China´s GDP revisions and their implications

Air Time:Dec. 23
Recently, China revised its economic data for 2004 after a yearlong nationwide economic census uncovered a huge amount of hidden economic output. As a result, the country鈥檚 GDP t for last year is now estimated at nearly $2 trillion, making it the sixth-largest economy in the world.
Guests Wanted
Guests Wanted

Dialogue is addressing a growing diversity of timely topics, and we are seeking guest speakers. Candidates should represent their own professions or departments. Applicants from all regions of the world are welcome. Prospective speakers must have good English, and the ability to address domestic and international issues in the areas of their expertise.
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•  China´s GDP revisions and their implications (Dec. 23)  
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•  Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit among the young (Dec. 19)  
•  Human security threats (Dec. 18)  
•  China´s Challenges to Energy Efficiency (Dec. 17)  
Guests of Dialogue

•  Alberto Gonzales US Attorney General

•  Rupert Hoogewerf, CEO of HuRun Report

•  Dr. Henk Bekeda: WHO Representative in China

•  Cui Jian: China´s famous Rock Musician

•  Esperanza Aguirre: president of Madrid Region

•  Ashfaqur Rahman: Bangladeshi Ambassador to china

•  Peter Mandelson: EU Trade Commissioner

•  Aly El-Hefny: Egyptian Ambassador to china

•  Dr Robert Lawrence Kuhn: Managing Director of Citigroup
•  Host: Yang Rui

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