US Debates over Eavesdropping (Dec. 21) 12-26-2005 14:42

Time: Dec. 21


Robert Percival, Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Maryland

Dan Guttman, Fulbright Scholar, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The press and lawmakers on Capitol Hill are locked in a hot debate about whether President Bush has violated the constitution by authorizing warrantless surveillance on US citizens suspected of having links with terrorist organizations. President Bush says that he has consulted some Congressional people about the act. He insists that he has not overstepped the constitutional bounds as the commander in chief in a time of war.

To take closer look at the NSA program that was first disclosed by the New York Times last week, we are pleased to have two American professors of law as our special panelists to discuss the impact of the event.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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