To:Dialogue From: Claude Robinson 08-11-2005 16:16

Whenever I am in China I watch Dialogue. I believe that your Yang Rui is one of the best reporters in the world and today I have found a way to hear and see your programs here in the USA via the internet. It never ceases to amaze me his knowledge and command of any subject that I have ever seen discussed. I'm sure that he is a very bright guy and I suspect that Dialogue has a number of staff that help Yang prepare for each interview. If you are able to tell me how many people help in the preparation, I would be pleased to know.

Speaking for myself, I have been visiting China since 1988 and I am also very impressed with the way China has developed at such a fast rate and maintained a good balance between the old and the new. As for CCTV9, I would rather watch your programing than CNN or BBC and this is my practice. However, I also like the commercials on the Chinese language stations.

Best regards,

Claude Robinson

Brookfield, Wisconsin


Editor:Chen Zhuo

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