Comments about your great "60 years after WWII" coverage 05-12-2005 13:54


My name is RC Shikles from America and I am teaching Computer programming in Guangxi province. Your program continues to be a wonderful program. Please allow me to make a couple of comments about your great "60 years after WWII" coverage. Particularly your interview with the Israel Foreign Counselor.

I focused on Rui's question if Israel was satisfied when the Chancellor of Germany on his knees and asking for forgiveness. Even when Rui gave a suggestion of forgiving but never forgetting, the Foreign Counselor never would acknowledge any forgiveness. Rui was exactly right in that suggestion. There are many problems that cause hatred and prejudice; I do not suggest any simple solution. But let me suggest one huge point.

If we look at much of the prejudice of people it is found that when people think they are "special" or "better" then other such holocausts of Japan and Germany will continue. We just need to be honest about this issue.

When Germany thinks they are "special" or "better" by some genetic line that is "wrong". When Japan thinks they are "special" or "better" for any reason that is "wrong".

If Israel thinks they are "special" or "better" because of some special relationship with God and they can do no wrong, that is "wrong". If China thinks they are "special" or "better" because they are 5000 years old, they are "wrong". If America thinks they are "special" or "better" because they are more advanced, or prosperous, they are "wrong".

If any minority, or ethnic group believes they are "special" or "better" because of their ethnicity, they are "wrong". If any religious beliefs, genetic line, political persuasions, or any people think they are "special" or "better", they are "wrong."

May I suggest another string of questions for all such guests on your program. "Do you believe any religion has all the answers?" "Do you believe you are genetically superior?" Do you believe you have the only political form of government?" "Do you believe you are special or better then any other people?"

Thank you for your ear and your programming.

RC Shikles, Professor

Guangxi Normal University

Editor:Xiang Jing

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