Congratulations 11-01-2005 10:29

I'd like to congratulate all of the Chinese for the oustanding achievement they realized with the launch of Shenzhou 6 and the triamphant return of the two Chinese astronauts. I'd like to express my congratulations and best wishes, as well, to all of CCTV 9 staff, correspondants and presenters. I know every one of you by name, and watch your programs daily. I really appreciate the impartial and objective approach you are adopting, and I assure you that you have a huge audience all over the world.

Time and time again, China establishes itself as one of the most advanced countries in science and technology, and attracts the attention of the whole world by new achievements. I'd like to thank you for the live coverage of the 2nd manned space mission Shenzhou 6. I'd like also to transmit greetings to those who work behind the scenes at the English Channel CCTV 9.

Bye for now and all the best.


Ben Othman

French Teacher

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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