To Yang Rui 05-11-2005 15:17

Yang Rui,

Ironically, the strongest and most enduring part of the United States society is its political system; designed and formulated to welcome disagreement and dissention, it has withstood a multitude of problems through the centuries. It is ironic because, at its inception, it was the architects鈥 intention to build a relatively weak and unobtrusive institutional structure. Shortly after 鈥淚ts鈥 revolution, the representatives of the colonial peoples came together at what was called The Constitutional Convention and, with differing views and opinions, set forth the principles of what would become the United States. Unified by a common abhorrence of injustice and tyrannical oppression, intolerance, indoctrination and exploitation they created the foundation, and 鈥淕em,鈥 of the American society, the 鈥淯nited States Constitution.鈥 A greater understanding of this document and the 鈥淧rocess鈥 that led up to it can be of value to anyone seeking guidance in such matters. The unity, vigor and strength of the American society have been maintained by this stable, and flexible, political system. On the other hand, the free enterprise, Capitalist Economic System has been the weakest aspect of the American society. Throughout its history it has been exploitative, the source of a variety of social problems and, especially since the 1920鈥檚, tyrannical. This economy has survived only through the intervention of the government and a succession of wars that at opportune times bailed it out. An examination of the principles of this economic system, the dynamics and ramifications of its process, its dependence on exploitation, the inequality it generates, and its methodology, may be enlightening. Special attention may be given to one of its most essential, and insidiously tyrannical, elements 鈥淎dvertising,鈥 (propaganda), which was utilized during WW1 and gained significant, commercial momentum in the 1920鈥檚. Your personal comment at the end of your interview with the author of 鈥淪hindler鈥檚 List,鈥 revealed the sensitive, warm, concerned side of Yang Rui and inspired me to write this letter. I share your concern and hope you will find my comments of interest.

Bill Mahoney

Editor:Xiang Jing

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