Chinese Diplomacy in 2005 (Dec. 20) 12-26-2005 14:37

Air Time: Dec. 20


Philip Cunningham, Author and Political Commentator

Ruan Zongze, Deputy Director of China Institute for International Studies

Eric Teo Chu Cheow, Council Member of Singapore Institute for International Affairs

If we look at the roadmap of President Hu Jintao's overseas trips throughout this year, we can find in 2005 the low-profile top leader becomes more active on the international stage than the past years since he took the power.

Is this motivated by the internal need to seek closer economic cooperation with foreign countries? Or urged by the external requirements for this rising nation to assume more responsibility for the global affairs? At the end of this year, we would like to have a discussion on China's diplomatic activities in the whole year.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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