From Jude Mufor Nting 08-11-2005 16:12

Hi Mr. Yang Rui,

I'm a keen listener to the program dialogue and would like to give my impression about the program.

Really,I cherish the program very much and my foreign friend also follow up munite by munite especially when you are the host. We think you are well read and you are the best host for the program.

But at one moment ,the program was too commercialised which in my opinion it is suppose to be an academic and brain storming program.

Also, we think that you should extend the scope further to Africa and re-think the perspective and road map for Africa's ''Underdelopment and or development''.

Permit me propose a topic for the program: Africa's Debt Relief Program or Africa's indebtedness program:Nacessity and Desirability .

Best regard

Jude Mufor Nting.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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