China´s white paper on peaceful development (Dec. 22) 12-26-2005 14:45

Air Time: Dec. 22


Russell Leigh Moses, Professor Renmin University

Ruan Zongze, Senior Research Fellow, China Institute of International Studies

China is learning to be taken seriously. It also wants the world to know how it conceives of the outside world.Today, the Chinese Government says in a whitepaper that it is seeking peaceful, open and cooperative development.

The Whitepaper says it is no easy job to quell international worries about China since speculations on the country's energy consumption, environmental decline, currency policy and cheap exports have generated so much uncertainty about a rising and confident giant in northeast Asia.

The Whitepaper says that China is aware of the dual challenge of both traditional and non-traditional threats in the post-cold-war era. The Chinese leadership, it says, wants to join hand with the rest of the world in boosting common prosperity and maintaining world peace.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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