Comment about 鈥淩evision of Japan鈥檚 History Textbook鈥 05-11-2005 15:14

Respectable Director and all the Staffs of CCTV9,

Thank you for giving us a lot of information about China, Asia, World, and relationship between China and Japan. Every morning if I am free, I watch Dialogue of CCTV9. I am a Japanese language teacher coming from Tokyo. I have been in Xi鈥檃n city in Shaanxi Province for nearly five years and really enjoy working here.

Today I would like to send you my comment about 鈥淩evision of Japan鈥檚 History Textbook鈥 in return. I have often got disappointed at the comments or the attitude of some Japanese politicians including Prime Minister Koizumi, which often provoke Chinese people, because they are so arrogant and insincere about the history of 20th century, in which Japan started terrible war against not only neighbor countries but all over the world. I hate them, because they instantly destroy good relationship which have been founded for a long time on mutual friendship between two peoples.

At the same time I 鈥榙 really like Chinese people to know that a lot of Japanese people, especially most teachers in Japan, are opposed against using such high school textbook as is arrogant and insincere about the history of 20th century. According to my calculation last summer, only 0.1% of high schools adopt such a notorious textbook, while 99.9% of high schools in Japan refuse adopting it. In Japan more than a dozen of high school textbooks for each subject are published. What textbook to use depends on each school鈥檚 responsibility.

Thank you for reading my comment.

Editor:Xiang Jing

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