Security Concerns in Sino-Japanese Relations 02-25-2005 17:30


Yang Rui


Hiroki Takeuchi: visiting scholar from the institute asia-pacific studies of CASS

Zha Daojiong: professor from Renmin University of China

Lead in:

For the first time, Japan takes the Taiwan Strait as part of its concern in the US-Japanese Security Pact. China is angered. Japan says it has not changed its position on Taiwan and offers to hold consultation with the mainland. This year will see the 60th anniversary of the success of the anti-Fascist war. Plus, Prime Minister Jinichiro Koizumi says it will not suspend the controversial visit to the Yasukuni Shrine although he might adopt a more cautious approach.

How shall we look at the rocky political relations between the two countries? Will the frosty political ties undermine the bilateral economic and trade cooperation Joining us in this discussion are Hiroki Takeuchi, visiting scholar from the institute asia-pacific studies, CASS and professor Zha Daojiong, from Renmin University of China.

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